Organizational learning focusing efforts in key risks and opportunities

  • Towards a complete cycle of knowledge. Based on feedback from real incidents and from sexercises testing them (evaluators, assessors, statistics…) adjust SOPs, doctrine and pre-plans, and identify main gaps to focus efforts in training, procedures, personnel and equipment.
  • Study and learn also from incidents in other times and places, from research, from private enterprises….
  • Optimize lessons learned (=implemented) processes inside the organization and between organizations. Look for specialists in those areas.
  • Widen the focus of learning, involving situation awareness at all levels, and specially prevention and self-protection. Focus on rapid recognition of the scenario; on anticipation of behavior of the fire/water/chemical/radiation; on anticipation of opportunities and risks.
  • Combine experts and specialist who accumulate knowledge, with an increase in knowledge and skills of firefighters, with involvement of stakeholders in prevention visits and exercises.

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Best practices, doctrine, lessons learned


Technological innovation

Ongoing Challenges