CIPcast DSS, Critical Infrastructure Protection risk analysis and foreCAST Decision Support System

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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) CIPCast is conceived as a combination of free/open source software environments and it is provided to customers through a user-­friendly web GIS interface which allows: ­- the access to a large information database for situational awareness; - ­ the forecast of the external event, with the support of prediction models; - ­ the estimate of the expected location and severity of damages induced on CI elements and on the built and natural environment; -­ the consequent outages or reduced availability of critical services; - real time update of forecasted hazard, damage and impact scenarios via field sensors, satellite data, crowd­sourced data; - the estimate of cascading and interdependency effects; -­ the estimate of the consequences experienced by citizens and other sectors of societal life; - the suggestion pf optimized re­-configuration strategies to CI operators. CIPCast can also be run for user­ defined scenarios, in a what­if mode of operation, for supporting experiential learning and the planning of mitigation and emergencies. CIPCast is currently used by EISAC.IT, "Italian node of the European Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Centre" EISAC. EISAC is an international initiative aiming at establishing a collaborative, european-wide platform in the domain of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), for supporting Operators and Public Authorities in better protecting assets and in enhancing their resilience with respect to different kind of natural and man-induced hazards.

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Develop IT advanced technologies and innovative tools to allow for a two-­way communication and data exchange from the field to the Control Rooms, thus empowering the emergency operators to make informed and evidence­-based decisions.
e.g. IT devices and Augmented Reality (AR) to allow for a two-­way exchange between the control room and the emergency field (in collaboration with YLICHRON SRL
The use of innovative IT tools (such as google glasses, smart­eyes, and augmented reality, AR) along with satellite images is envisaged to bring/get data, videos, images and voice communications from the emergency field to the Control Room aiming to update in real­time and dynamically CIPCast predicted scenarios.
On the other hand, it is envisaged to make available the simulated impact scenario produced by CIPCast, to the first responders on mobile devices allowing them, to filter and query specific information.
The IT tools allowing for the distribution/acquisition of data to/from the field, via web, will rely both on standard telecom platforms (GPRS, 3G­4G) and on satellite communications.

Generic comments

We will welcome any international cooperation to advance the development of the aforementioned ideas.
In particular international cooperation can be promoted via EISAC, an EU­wide initiative aiming at establishing a collaborative, european-­wide platform in the domain of protection Critical Infrastructure Protection, CI, for supporting
Operators and Public Authorities in better protecting assets and in enhancing their resilience with respect to natural and man­made hazards. EISAC intends to create a constellation of national centres empowered by advanced technologies and available to support with different services all players involve., the Italian node of the European Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Centre (, the first already established competence center for CI
protection in Italy, within the framework of EISAC,