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Covid19 Best practices and guidelines from European Fire & Rescue services
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CoronaVirus: worldwide best pratices

New documents for Police, Gendarmerie and Fire Fighters



HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF IN CORONAVIRUS RISKY ENVIRONMENTS has been developed by ISEM Institute experts to cover the need of police and gendarmerie officers in terms of personal protection during their duties in COVID-19 risky environments.
Various research, private, official EU and governmental sources were used to provide as much relevant information as possible for various police units and are all listed at the end of this document. 

Argentians Best Practices

From the Federación de Bomberos Voluntarios de la Provincia de Córdoba: Material sanitario para cuidado sanitario y bioseguridad; Vídeos y documentos en tiempos de coronavirus.

USA Best Practices 

From Fire Ecology Website: COVID-19 documents, articles, and other resources or links that are relevant to the wildland fire community.

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