• Exchanging views across borders
  • Analysing the gaps in the tools they need to operate
  • Prioritising future R&D efforts
Main areas

This area has to deal with long- and short-term effects of CBRNE incidents. Specific challenges include:

  • Identification of substances;
  • Manufacturing, storage, transport and intentional release in terrorist attacks;
  • Measures for preventing or mitigating the effects of accidents;
  • Limiting short- and long-term negative effects on living organisms and the environment (air, soil, surface water and groundwater);
  • Specific incident command system
  • Cooperation and joint standard operation procedures for different services
  • Protective and technical equipment;
  • Intervention tactics and decontamination;
  • Medical interventions tactics and decontamination; (first aids in the contaminated field);
  • Training
Useful link:

Project ENCIRCLE aims to strengthen EU CBRN protection http://encircle-cbrn.eu/ 


Download the "Policy Brief CBRNE" produced by the TWG leaders, in coordination with other partners and associated experts



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