Thematic Working Group A: Search and Rescue (SAR) and Emergency Medical Response (EMR)


  • exchanging views across borders,
  • analysing the gaps in the tools they need to operate
  • prioritising future R&D efforts
Main areas

Specific challenges for SAR include skills and capacities of localisation, stabilisation, evacuation in all terrains (water, mountains, remote and non-accessible areas) and all contexts (transportation accidents, disasters, etc.).

In EMR – for the same range of contexts and terrains – challenges include triage, trauma and life support, decontamination of people, large number of victim s’ management (mass rescue organisation, field hospitals), transport to safe areas (ground and air transport), fatalities management.

The thematic is transverse and not specific to a certain context. It concerns first responders and rescuers, as well as medical and ambulance services or civil defence units.

Useful link

No Fear project:  (Network Of practitioners For Emergency medicAl systems and cRitical care)


Download the "Policy Brief Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical Response" produced by the TWG leaders, in coordination with other partners and associated experts​​

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