Available channels

Welcome on the forum page. You can join discussion only of you are registered on the platform. If not done yet, go ahead and register to participate! (bleu button "register" on the header )

Online forum is accessible for read to any user.

Forum is made of two additional content types :

- forum channels, than can be created by any expert user

- forum answers, that are individually created by any registered users for a channel (provided they have access to the given channel)

A forum channel can be created through the Add a new channel menu

Channels are ordered by generic channels (no TWG defined), and TWG-based channels provided the user has access.

Once user have clicked on a channel, the answers dynamically displays.

If user can interact with forum, an answer can be composed on the "Your message section"

All answers available to user can be subject to an internal search engine.

It is possible to view user profile through clicking on user name or user picture.

Only expert users can view users profiles.

Any answer can be rated through a button. Once rated, average rate is being displayed on each answer.


If the forum is being used by a registered user, it is possible to subscribe to notifications of any channel, through the Bell icon :

A mini-form will then appear for customizing the notifications :

Three options are possible for notifications :

Instant sending : an email will be sent any time an answer is being posted in the channel (except if the user itself posts it)

Daily notifications : a daily report is being sent if at least a modification has been done

Weekly notifications



Moderation is being done by the channel creator.

The user can know instantly his channel-creator status through the "tie" icon.

Moderation is being done directly in front-office through the red icon.

A moderated answer is rendered as invisible to any user, except the creator (it is being done through eZPlatform rights)

Moderator can uncensor a message through the blue eye icon.

The author of the censored message will not be awared of the censorship.