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COVID-19 : Italy - Guidelines

Download the italians guidelines regarding operational risk management connected to the COVID-19 emergency.

Italian content

  1. Italy: COVID-19 EMERGENCY updates

The indications contained in this guideline takes into account the directives
of the National Health Corps Coordination and Legal Medicine Office,in order to guarantee the service institutional emergency technical assistance and protect the health of the staff of the Corps, within the scope of the current epidemiological situation.

Access here to the dedicated italian page regarding COVID-19 EMERGENCY updates : here



This office has started an experiment to verify the feasibility of sanitizing the external areas of the service locations by using the AIB modules mounted on the VF vehicles. The experimentation gave a positive result and allowed to develop specific procedures. The hygiene must be carried out with sodium hypochlorite / bleach solution in water with a concentration of about 0.1%. If using an AIB module of about 400 liters mounted on the pick ups supplied with the body, to obtain the correct degree of concentration it will be necessary to insert at least 4 falcons of one liter of sodium hypochlorite / 10% bleach. By maneuvering the hose reel, the fractionation of the solution can be modulated by adjusting the opening of the dispensing nozzle. For vertical surfaces such as walls and walls, the dispenser can be opened to the maximum to obtain a wider rose; vertical wall disinfection can be limited to about two meters in height. To obtain a more energetic action on the floors and, in general on the horizontal surfaces, in order to guarantee a mechanical and brushing action, the opening of the dispenser must be reduced to about 50%, thus reducing the fractionation. The total sanitation capacity for a 400 liter tank is approximately 3,000 m2. Cleaning operations must be carried out by personnel wearing suitable PPE and, at the end of the sanitization operations, the operator will take care to perform appropriate undressing according to VF procedures. This procedure can also be used for indoor places such as garages

Access  to the video demonstratio for EMERGENCY COVID19 - PROCEDURE FOR SANITIZING EXTERNAL PLACES : here


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