Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 09:28 Edited Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 09:30

TCP 4: Open Call to Academia and Industry

MEDEA will support a number of solution providers that will be invited for the “hands-on demos” with a voucher funding scheme to cover travelling and accommodation expenses, transportation of equipment and some consumable costs. A total amount of 15.000 euros is allocated for the TCP4 demonstration event (organised by practitioners), aiming to assist SMEs, Academia, and Research Projects to participate.

The demonstration event will be an attractive opportunity for solution providers to present the use of their tools in simulated real-life conditions and engage with a community of practitioners from MEDEA and other networks of practitioners.

There will also be a budget of 15.000 Euros so as to award challenge prizes for innovative solutions that fulfil (or will fulfil) the identified TCP capability gaps. The prize awards will be defined based on the number of the capability gaps, their priority and the urgency to fulfil said gaps (time horizon).. The means to address these capability gaps will not be prescribed, leaving contestants total freedom to come up with the most promising and effective solutions. The MEDEA prize award will aim to attract a wider range of innovators, provide opportunities to innovators to forge new partnerships, promote new products and services and spur interest in the problem areas defined by the practitioners.